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  • From gabral, a jeep road runs 20 km north to this lake. This is a beautiful secluded place in the remote corner of the valley. It is a Stretch of the gabral river where it runs across level terrain and widens out. Jeeps can be hired from kalam or utror to get near the lake and then walk up for an hour to reach kharkhari at 9,500 ft. From the lake you can trek northwest over the pass to sor laspur in the chitral valley
  • From utror there are many more opportunities to trek to beautiful valleys and lakes. This part of valley is also called the lake district of swat because of its number of beautiful alpine lakes. A jeep road, 4 km towards southwest takes you to liddu. There are a few small shops in liddu where you can take tea and get something to eat. The mountains around this valley are covered with r all cedar and pine trees and meandered by different stream and torrents. From liddu it takes almost four hours on foot to reach the beautiful kundol lake. Some locals can guide you and even take your luggage If properly paid. The lake is 1 km long and 1/2 km wide at 9,900 feet above sea level.
  • From kundol one can also make an attempt to climb the mountains ridge on the west to reach a picturesque glacier fed lake pari lake. In local languages, it is known as 'khapero dund' meaning 'the lake of fairies'. This name is given to the lake due to the widespread belief that the lake Is the Adobe of fairies where they live and bathe in the cool, pure and clear water if the lake. This lake is located at 13,300 feet from sea level and the steep trek to this lake is very strenuous.
  • From liddu, another trail going towards southeast leads to spinkhor lake. This beautiful lake is situated at the elevation fo 10,530 feet from sea level. This turquoise lake is located between the high steep walls if mountains.
  • From upper desan it is possible to climb south to Tikki lake and further on to godur. Tikki lake (14,000 ft) is a remote location, completely uninhabited and surrounded by a pristine wilderness setting. Enriched by barren rocky mountains, Tikki is a place of rugged beauty. The lake demands a strenuous climb, but with rewarding pleasures.
  • From upper dessan one can reach godur lake which is located at the elevation of 12,600 ft from sea level. Godur is the nearest lake to kalam but rarely visited due to difficult approach. The lake lies to the southwest of kalam and there are two routes to godur. One route follows the godur nala and climbs very steeply through the narrow gorge. The other route is from upper desan near utror, which is a long trek but you can avoid the steepness of godur nala passage. If one follows the godur nala route then after a strenuous climb of 3 to 4 hours from kalam, one reaches a flat pastureland at an altitude of 10,300 ft above sea level. This is a summer settlement of nomad people who come to graze their animals each year. From this place, it is again a sheer climb of 2,000 ft up to the lake.
  • The heavenly lake is situated at a distance of 35 km from kalam and 2 km from ushu. Mahodant means lake full of fish and it is literally a good spot for trout fishing. It is a popular picnic spot and many tourists from kalam come here every day during summer holidays. The lake us surrounded by pine trees and beautiful open grassy meadows at 9,400 ft. The valley is a heaven for trekkers and provides several beautiful camping sites with abundance of cool water and firewood but the trekkers are suggested to arrange for their own gas cylinders, which all not only reduce the burden on the natural ecosystem but also preserve and deteriorating environment of the valley. From mahodant one can go on a challenging trekking expedition to laspur in upper chitral valley via kachikani pass (4,817 meters/15,800 feet) or to handrap in ghizar valley of gilgit-baltistan via dadarilli pass (5,030 meters/ 16,498 feet).

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View Location of Walnut Heights, located 2Km away & 300 meters higher than the Bazar & network of the hotels.

The surroundings of Walnut trees & Pine forest, n snow melt water fall & a stream flowing next to the rooms adds to serenity of the place.